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 KH: Dream Drop Distance I just... love it... so much??? Me loving a Kingdom Hearts game, yeah I know, everyone's surprised. But the gameplay elements were really fun, I loved playing with all the goofy Dream Eaters. (I still have not managed to get the T-Rex one but I am calmly determined) and of course, the twewy crew was there and oh god my heart. Everything I ever wanted. And by the time you get to the last three worlds? Fan-tas-tic. <3

Riders of Berk: I was really expecting this to be like Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and I was so glad this was not the case. The show focuses more on the dragons and bonding and how they integrate into Viking society after being sworn enemies for hundreds of years?? Anyway what am I saying: Go watch it. If you need incentive: more Toothless. There. Done.

Legend of Korra: (I keep meaning to finish my fan art for this whoops) PURE AWESOMENESS. Fumbles a little in the pacing story-wise but still PURE AWESOME. I'm actually way, way more excited for the next season when we finally get into spirit world shenanigans and world-building and ahhhhh *o*

Teen Wolf: I...cannot actually watch this show?? The second-hand embarrassment I get from characters is too great. Yet, I love it anyway. Stiles is the greatest. Scott is a potato. I spend too much time making fun of the misery that is Derek Hale's life. We've almost reached Supernatural levels of angst here.

aaaaand finally Doctor Who! Dinosaurs. on. Spaceships. I've been waiting for television to give that to me since I first saw Jurassic Park. <3 Waiting for the latest episode tonight. Avoiding tumblr for the same reason.

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