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Hello Dreamers....and welcome to Fic Rec Friday!

This week's rec list comes from Inception Fandom. Enjoy.

between my reflex & my resolve
 by gyzym

Summary: People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules.

Domestic!Verse. Still one of the best. Complete.


Breaking and Entering by Resonant

Summary: Eames is very good at pretending.

Comments: This time Eames is the one confused. Love it. Complete.


I Need You (Like I Need A Hole In The Head) by Nellie

Summary: Killing each other was meant to be a game. Somewhere along the line, things got serious

Comments: Really hot and filled with dream-murder. Win-win. One-shot. Complete.


Two Steps Towards Make Believe by ifeelbetter

Summary: Sleep has never come easily to Arthur.

Comments: Athur has insomnia but discovers he can nap easily on Eames. Experiments ensue. Both hilarious and cute. Major WAFF. One-shot. Complete.


Early Returns by rageprufrock

Summary: Thinking that a reporter genuinely likes you is pretty much on par with feeling like you really are special to that stripper.

Comments: Newspaper AU. Fucking fantastic. One-shot. Complete.


and the doors are open by gunsandbutter

Summary: “Yusuf,” she says, dangerously, “did you give my point man a love potion?”

Comments: Arthur without his razor-sharp self control. (Mostly, he throws markers at people and drinks good coffee.) Excellent. Complete.


i'll see you when the sun sets east (don't forget me)  by gyzym

Summary: He knows he is alone, and that he is not supposed to be alone, and that someone else is here. He knows he had a name, once. He knows he is looking for something. [Limbo fic.]

Comments: Limbo fic. I looooove this one. It's rare for inception fic to actually be dreamside. Most of the plot revolves around building/planning/aftermath of said heist. Clever and whimsical and frightning. Complete.


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