Dec. 3rd, 2014

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People are always desperate to give what they wish others would give them.

The worst suffering anyone can experience is suffering alone.

Hoard as many good memories and experiences as you can. Be wealthy in laughter and smiles. It's currency for when shit happens.

Emotions are the symptoms of your experiences, in the same way swearing hysterically when you stub your toe.

Emotions are like water. It can be carried. It can be drunk to nourish you. It can clean you. It can also drown you. Water is a force of nature and there is an ocean inside of you.

The people you choose to hang around are reflections of who you are. The people you choose to have around you are the people you think you deserve.

Money makes things a contract. Always honor your contracts, but be careful not to sell your heart. If you do, though, it's all right. Hearts grow back. It can take a while, like trees.

If anyone gets offended because you are having a hard time, don't talk to them until they apologize. You may get an apology or you may never talk to them again. Either one is a victory.

People are summaries of the lessons they learned.

Progress is often invisible in the present. Consider the future version of yourself you strive to be is as much of a stranger as the version of yourself you outgrew.



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