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 If you fall asleep before I start teaching--I will be very offended. I pride myself on my ability to put students to sleep, and if you start without me, I will be very put out!

Be careful when bringing food into the classroom. Just because it smells good to you, doesn't mean it smells good to us. If it does smell good to us, we'll kill you.

When Ronald Regan talked about the Evil Empire, he wasn't talking about the Soviet Union. That's a common misconception. He was really talking about the Math Department.
 ~ My History Teacher 

History class is ten times funner with all the Hetalia references, let me tell you. My teacher was also quite brilliant, even though we only had three weekends together. ( Six essays and a powerpoint presentation WHOO~) It was a very entertaining class. 

Thanksgiving went well this year though I admit I didn't do much else but eat and sleep. I think this year has been the laziest that my family has ever been. I blame the school work. Also excited to see all my friends again, (you know who you are! <3) the new Disney movie, and the end of finals. X3

How about everyone else?
neverjay: (Default) my title says it's my last day of freedom, guys--nay, the last breath of fresh air before I breach the deep. College has sucked the life out of many before me but do not fear, Knowwii's will not be defeated so easily. For those of you who are online-only and have no idea (or care) what I am talking about, I can sum it up like this: I am taking a weekend History course. On top of my regular classes and work. I will be so immersed in school that it is very likely that no one will see me till December. :3 

I have so very much to do that it is actually starting to frighten me.

On that note, I suddenly got very inspired to draw the other day ( I really wanted to join Nanomango because it looked like so much fun but. um. yeah. SCHOOL.) and am bitterly regretting it because I won't be able to show anything off until December. *sob* But I have several files backed-up that I can send soon so...yay?

If, by some chance, I do not resurface by December :Lostfayt: it is your duty to rescue my sketchbook and post it on here. I believe in you. And you know what they say....?

See everyone soon!
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 Working in the Library everyday feels a lot like being in an adventure novel. Or at least, if there was an adventure novel that took place in a Library. (Does anyone know of something like this?)

Hetalia is the most entertaining fandom I know of. Countries, you are amazing.I am so glad to have met all of you! After all, let's see There was the NDK party. (Which was fun.) The Picnic. (Which was ridiculous.)and then Austria's Birthday Dinner. (Which was ridiculous AND fun.)and the new event coming up. Yay! Also, Happy Birthday Drako-chan! Your present is coming soooon~

I'm really excited for some of the fancy things I get to do this week--mostly because my shirt has ruffles. All it really needs is a red pirate coat and I would be golden. 

On another note, I just bought Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! I have heard some very disconcerning rumours about the game but I must say I am still enjoying it very much. If it gives me half the lulz that TWEWY gave me I will be pleased. XD
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 Fables is my favorite american comic ever. Sandman was pretty epic (in a mind-screwy way) but Fables hits my love of talking animals and various elements of fantasy and steampunk. (Mountbatten the Clockwork tiger is my new official favorite character.)So much love. *end fan rant*

On to artsy things!

I can now relatively draw dog faces in a way that does not make me want to impale myself with a blunt object. Whether that still means that YOU want to impale me with a stick (silver bullets?) is another matter entirely. Commissions are being done (albeit slowly) and school season has started again so I am working LIKE A LITTLE WORKER BEE WORKS and hoping I live longer than a week ;.; Wish me luck, kiddos!

(Speaking of bees, I have a new jar of honey. Yes, that is relevant information.)

Also, my job is still the greatest thing ever. I get to play with fancy new technologies (like the kindle!) so it feels very similar to working in a steampunk library? Haha I don't know. It's very fun. <3
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 This has started happening recently.

Random people, like little old ladies or, you know, other friendly child-folk, have started to converse with me lately. It's actually really fun. I got into a huge discussion about Up with some lady from the Disney store. XD I don't think my mother recognized her shy child from the happily chattering one in front of her.


Anyway, back to drawing and sewing!*bustle bustle*

Up up up!

Jun. 2nd, 2009 03:20 pm
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 Guess who saw Up this weekend? Come on. I dare you. 


This is probably the best movie Pixar has ever made (and one that MADE ME CRY in the first ten minutes! My SOUL. SHE IS WOUNDED. WHY. GOD. WHY.) and I was literally running around the movie theatre like a goon the second it was over. SO MUCH FUN. 

Carl Fredricksen is my favorite little old man ever. Next to that old man who played chess with himself (his innocent smile will doom us all). 
But seriously! Millions of dogs! Crazy ballon houses! Rainbow birds! Ellie!(OMG Ellie.) Dug!It's like these people knew my brain. 

It's so nice to see, especially in a movie, that old people can have adventures too--I was really starting to get worried there. XD And I'm not talking "Oh yay for prepubescence joy! Let's go get drunk/crashed/various un-fun things!" D: NO. 

I'm talking about bloody adventure adventures. The ones where you tie balloonsto your chair to see if you can fly or combine robots together to PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH AWESOMENESS. The sheer happiness this movie can generate would explode the hearts of millions. All other movies: face it. This one wins. Hands down. 

And this, from Twigcollin, sums up so much of what I think of the villian of the piece XD (warning:slight spoiler.) 

"Even if I were expelled from the explorer's club over a disreputable find, I think I could still happily live out my golden years in the Amazon in an enormous zeppelin with a pack of talking dogs as my loyal friends and companions." 

So so cute, this movie. Definitely one I will have to buy. <3<3

Adventure is out there!


Mar. 15th, 2009 03:17 pm
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 Figure drawing class is going well. My teacher says that I just need to step away from my "formula" drawing--which I am already doing. I could tell that I stumped her when I told her I wanted to go into animation XD because then my drawings were already perfect for that. 

*breathes sigh of relief* It's a good sign when an art teacher doesn't have much to say about your work.

Expect to see some new artwork up--mostly just sketches though. I think that coloring would ruin some of them. XD

Also got the Link shooting game for the Wii--everyone is addicted. It is now my duty in life to beat all of my sister's scores, the smug little monster won't let it go. *grumblegrumble*

That's all for now, I have to go pack for my dads. <3
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 Chinese food on Monday was really great--We got to harass Jin and I got to see my friends! Yay!
My poor (plushie) chicken Roselinda was kidnapped the other day, and the kidnapper was kind enough to leave me a text. Our conversation went something like this:

Kla: This is a hostage notification: we have the rooster. If you ever want to see it again you will respond to this is a crazy-like way. >3

Me: Haha! This is no hostage situation! I PLANTED Roselinda there. It is set to explode the minute I give the signal!

Kla:...CURSES! Well met challenge my friend. I tip hat to you.

Me: But now we seem to be at a draw. *dramatic breezes*

Kla: There is only one way to end this: Face to face!

I love my friends.<3

More notably, the Kla and me started a war of Tomfoolery (her word!)and we spent half of the dinner throwing stuff onto each other's plates, kicking each other under the table and making creative death-threats. We are completely mature, I swear.

...Until I accidentally got sauce in Kla's hair (I'm sorry Kla! I really didn't mean to!)thus securing me a place on the List. If you ever find my corpse, you know what happened.

Also, I am taking accelerated english class so I should be having my midterm with the next week or two, which is kinda of nice. (No papers to write during my other finals. :3) So I'm working hard on that. Eventually, I will post more artwork on here. XD

P.S. The above conversation maybe slightly exaggerated. Slightly. Maybe. We'll get back to you on that. 

P.P.S. Roselinda is safe and well and welcomes another challenge. >3
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 I've always been late into fandoms and TWENY is no exception...I love this game. It's small, portable,and Neku's anti-social behavior makes me laugh every time.I love it when he and Joshua banter. It's like watching the complete opposite of Sora. So much emo, so little time! 

Plus, there's Pi-face...just Pi-face. Who else attacks you with SOHCAHTOA? Other than the math teachers...
"you factoring hectopascals!" indeed.

Also, why did they not have these toys when I was little?Link This is so not fair. D: 

Me and my dinosaurs would have had a blast with these guys! This website also has tree action figures. Tree action-freaking-figures. You have no idea how much I want that Baobab. NO IDEA. ((ten points to anyone who can guess the literary reason.))

EDIT: I forgot to add this. Peter Pan and the Pirates is possibly the most amusing (or distubing) thing I have ever watched. Whoever voices Peter got it perfect. Though the design is still a little weird for those used to the Disney version... Someone posted the episodes on youtube. GO WATCH IT.

--Kit, signing out.
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 Been reading lots of Charles De Lint lately and just let me say, that man is wonderful to read. In a lot of ways, it feels like reading Mercedes Lackey. Lots of great world-building and thought-provoking actions.

My favorite is Forests of the Heart. There is so much folklore involved, everything from the gentry to the Crow Girls who disguise themselves as spunky teenage girls, complete with leather boots and striped knee socks when they aren't native american crow spirits. Oh, and they love sugar. There isn't a single scene without candy involved with them. 

There are irish fairies and mexican spirits mixed with crazy wolves, mentally suspect coyotes, and even a girl born from a computer! In other words, it's a wonderful book. I recommend it to any big readers out there.

No somos los lobos
no somos los perros
somos los cadejos
caejos verdaderos!


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