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"One cannot organize reality. One can only index and cross-reference it."

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alternate universe, alternate universes, animation, animorphs, artificial intellgence, avatar the last airbender, behind-the-scenes process of my favorite things, bending in general, books, conquering the internet, dinosaurs, discworld, dogs, drawing, enemies to friends to lovers, enough tea to sink a harbor, fandom, fanfiction, feeling happy, fiction, fluffy dystopian nightmares, folklore, genderbending, ghost stories, good omens, hannibal, harry potter, hosting angels unaware, intricate magic systems, jupiter ascending, jurassic park, language geeking, languages, libraries, literature, musicals, pacific rim, people in ~*love*~, philanthropy, photoshop, pointless trivia, political intrigue as the plot, reading a whole lot, robotics, sexbending, small desert communities, strange vistas and alien worlds, strongly worded advice to thermodynamics, supernatural, today we are canceling the apocalypse, urban fantasy, wendigos, were animals in general, werewolves, world building, world history, young wizards
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