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 Tell everybody I'm on my way,
new places and people to see...

Since I've arrived in Florida, it's been foggy, rainy and I've caught a cold. I've woken up at 4AM to catch the bus and I got to say…I AM LOVING EVERY SECOND. Training has been a blast, I got to see the underground for the first time and even engineered my own Magic Moment. It's been a rush-- learning to live on my own. I feel like my head is sloshing with all the new information I've gained. There is so much to know! I hope I find someone else who is playing Re:coded, I haven't played Tag Mode yet and I really want to see it.

I miss my friends and family (especially my little sister)...but I think I can be really happy here, too, because, little by little, I am making dreams come true. :3

the future doesn't scare me at all
nothing is like before...
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 School has come yet again, and--I never thought I would say this but-- I can't wait to get started!  So much is happening this semester: I'm applying for the Disney College Program, (Wish me luck, everyone!) and it feels like I'm being bombarded by butterflies I'm so nervous, I have a full load of animation courses this semester which makes me grin like a loon because I have been wanting to do this for FOREVER AGO. Drawing will be my homework. o/ 

I got to be goofy with my friends all summer (THE BEST) and while it will be sad that we won't be able to see much of each other during school time, I know that we are all trying our best to get where each of us want to be. It might just be me, but I think those dreams of yours are pretty cool, guys. I'm wishing you luck as well.

Later days!


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