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 I won first place in my animation class yesterday--okay, it was just for getting my project done the fastest and boy, it was smooooth. It feels a little silly to get all excited about animating something as small as a step to the right--not even a big step--but it means I'm finally getting somewhere, you know? And that is a good feeling.

Also, the Fables: Crosssover came out (I'm sure you could hear the fan yay three buildings away) and man, I so did not expect to fall for an American comic as hard as I did ha ha ha. It's glorious.

Speaking of books, I raided a used bookstore the other day. Bought seven books and I've already read them all. Considering going back. *resists urge*

Enjoyed cosplaying with friends(you know who you are!) and have determined that Shield Maiden Hungary and MANgary are my Favorite. Cosplays. Ever. Genderbent! Valentines was a really fun event and I hope we do something similar next year. :3

~Knowwii out!
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 Fables is my favorite american comic ever. Sandman was pretty epic (in a mind-screwy way) but Fables hits my love of talking animals and various elements of fantasy and steampunk. (Mountbatten the Clockwork tiger is my new official favorite character.)So much love. *end fan rant*

On to artsy things!

I can now relatively draw dog faces in a way that does not make me want to impale myself with a blunt object. Whether that still means that YOU want to impale me with a stick (silver bullets?) is another matter entirely. Commissions are being done (albeit slowly) and school season has started again so I am working LIKE A LITTLE WORKER BEE WORKS and hoping I live longer than a week ;.; Wish me luck, kiddos!

(Speaking of bees, I have a new jar of honey. Yes, that is relevant information.)

Also, my job is still the greatest thing ever. I get to play with fancy new technologies (like the kindle!) so it feels very similar to working in a steampunk library? Haha I don't know. It's very fun. <3


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