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 If you fall asleep before I start teaching--I will be very offended. I pride myself on my ability to put students to sleep, and if you start without me, I will be very put out!

Be careful when bringing food into the classroom. Just because it smells good to you, doesn't mean it smells good to us. If it does smell good to us, we'll kill you.

When Ronald Regan talked about the Evil Empire, he wasn't talking about the Soviet Union. That's a common misconception. He was really talking about the Math Department.
 ~ My History Teacher 

History class is ten times funner with all the Hetalia references, let me tell you. My teacher was also quite brilliant, even though we only had three weekends together. ( Six essays and a powerpoint presentation WHOO~) It was a very entertaining class. 

Thanksgiving went well this year though I admit I didn't do much else but eat and sleep. I think this year has been the laziest that my family has ever been. I blame the school work. Also excited to see all my friends again, (you know who you are! <3) the new Disney movie, and the end of finals. X3

How about everyone else?
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 Working in the Library everyday feels a lot like being in an adventure novel. Or at least, if there was an adventure novel that took place in a Library. (Does anyone know of something like this?)

Hetalia is the most entertaining fandom I know of. Countries, you are amazing.I am so glad to have met all of you! After all, let's see There was the NDK party. (Which was fun.) The Picnic. (Which was ridiculous.)and then Austria's Birthday Dinner. (Which was ridiculous AND fun.)and the new event coming up. Yay! Also, Happy Birthday Drako-chan! Your present is coming soooon~

I'm really excited for some of the fancy things I get to do this week--mostly because my shirt has ruffles. All it really needs is a red pirate coat and I would be golden. 

On another note, I just bought Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! I have heard some very disconcerning rumours about the game but I must say I am still enjoying it very much. If it gives me half the lulz that TWEWY gave me I will be pleased. XD


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