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Jun. 2nd, 2009 03:20 pm
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 Guess who saw Up this weekend? Come on. I dare you. 


This is probably the best movie Pixar has ever made (and one that MADE ME CRY in the first ten minutes! My SOUL. SHE IS WOUNDED. WHY. GOD. WHY.) and I was literally running around the movie theatre like a goon the second it was over. SO MUCH FUN. 

Carl Fredricksen is my favorite little old man ever. Next to that old man who played chess with himself (his innocent smile will doom us all). 
But seriously! Millions of dogs! Crazy ballon houses! Rainbow birds! Ellie!(OMG Ellie.) Dug!It's like these people knew my brain. 

It's so nice to see, especially in a movie, that old people can have adventures too--I was really starting to get worried there. XD And I'm not talking "Oh yay for prepubescence joy! Let's go get drunk/crashed/various un-fun things!" D: NO. 

I'm talking about bloody adventure adventures. The ones where you tie balloonsto your chair to see if you can fly or combine robots together to PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH AWESOMENESS. The sheer happiness this movie can generate would explode the hearts of millions. All other movies: face it. This one wins. Hands down. 

And this, from Twigcollin, sums up so much of what I think of the villian of the piece XD (warning:slight spoiler.) 

"Even if I were expelled from the explorer's club over a disreputable find, I think I could still happily live out my golden years in the Amazon in an enormous zeppelin with a pack of talking dogs as my loyal friends and companions." 

So so cute, this movie. Definitely one I will have to buy. <3<3

Adventure is out there!


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