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 Chinese food on Monday was really great--We got to harass Jin and I got to see my friends! Yay!
My poor (plushie) chicken Roselinda was kidnapped the other day, and the kidnapper was kind enough to leave me a text. Our conversation went something like this:

Kla: This is a hostage notification: we have the rooster. If you ever want to see it again you will respond to this is a crazy-like way. >3

Me: Haha! This is no hostage situation! I PLANTED Roselinda there. It is set to explode the minute I give the signal!

Kla:...CURSES! Well met challenge my friend. I tip hat to you.

Me: But now we seem to be at a draw. *dramatic breezes*

Kla: There is only one way to end this: Face to face!

I love my friends.<3

More notably, the Kla and me started a war of Tomfoolery (her word!)and we spent half of the dinner throwing stuff onto each other's plates, kicking each other under the table and making creative death-threats. We are completely mature, I swear.

...Until I accidentally got sauce in Kla's hair (I'm sorry Kla! I really didn't mean to!)thus securing me a place on the List. If you ever find my corpse, you know what happened.

Also, I am taking accelerated english class so I should be having my midterm with the next week or two, which is kinda of nice. (No papers to write during my other finals. :3) So I'm working hard on that. Eventually, I will post more artwork on here. XD

P.S. The above conversation maybe slightly exaggerated. Slightly. Maybe. We'll get back to you on that. 

P.P.S. Roselinda is safe and well and welcomes another challenge. >3


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