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 Tell everybody I'm on my way,
new places and people to see...

Since I've arrived in Florida, it's been foggy, rainy and I've caught a cold. I've woken up at 4AM to catch the bus and I got to say…I AM LOVING EVERY SECOND. Training has been a blast, I got to see the underground for the first time and even engineered my own Magic Moment. It's been a rush-- learning to live on my own. I feel like my head is sloshing with all the new information I've gained. There is so much to know! I hope I find someone else who is playing Re:coded, I haven't played Tag Mode yet and I really want to see it.

I miss my friends and family (especially my little sister)...but I think I can be really happy here, too, because, little by little, I am making dreams come true. :3

the future doesn't scare me at all
nothing is like before...
neverjay: (Default) my title says it's my last day of freedom, guys--nay, the last breath of fresh air before I breach the deep. College has sucked the life out of many before me but do not fear, Knowwii's will not be defeated so easily. For those of you who are online-only and have no idea (or care) what I am talking about, I can sum it up like this: I am taking a weekend History course. On top of my regular classes and work. I will be so immersed in school that it is very likely that no one will see me till December. :3 

I have so very much to do that it is actually starting to frighten me.

On that note, I suddenly got very inspired to draw the other day ( I really wanted to join Nanomango because it looked like so much fun but. um. yeah. SCHOOL.) and am bitterly regretting it because I won't be able to show anything off until December. *sob* But I have several files backed-up that I can send soon so...yay?

If, by some chance, I do not resurface by December :Lostfayt: it is your duty to rescue my sketchbook and post it on here. I believe in you. And you know what they say....?

See everyone soon!


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